Taski Swingo 755 (complete) *special order*

///Taski Swingo 755 (complete) *special order*

Taski Swingo 755 (complete) *special order*

The swingo 755 has 43cm (17″) working and a 40L tank. Available as Eco or with Power traction drive. The ever popular swingo 755 is still the benchmark.


Key Features

  • 40 L tank capacity
  • 43 cm working width
  • Single disc drive
  • Electric/Gel/Li-Ion battery options

Key Benefits

  • The swingo dual axle system deliver amazing agility for control and efficiency of cleaning
  • Small footprint and great visibility make it perfectly designed for use in confined areas
  • Robust and durable design minimises downtime, whilst reducing service and repair costs
  • The Power model has a patented brush and traction unit with integrated IntelliFlow for brilliant cleaning result and less tank fills