Raphael MHF handtowel dispenser

Raphael MHF handtowel dispenser

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Mechanical Hands Free Dispenser:

  • Reduce Waste – sheets dispense at consistent and economical lengths, minimising overuse.
  • Save Time – high capacity dispenser, up to 800 sheets per roll. Replenish less often and spend less time checking: translucent covers means you can clearly see from a distance without having to open the dispenser.
  • Improve Hygiene – user only touches paper that they use.

Compatible with NWRT150TP & NWRT2B200LR


-Dispenses a single flat sheet, at a consistent 25cm towel length
– Presents paper ‘towel out’
– Dispenses paper without the need to touch the dispenser, limiting the
spread of washroom bacteria
– Translucent cover (Smoke / Blue) or back (White) allows for ‘at-aglance- replenishment checks without the need to open the dispenser
– Simple to operate for all ages and abilities
– Simple and fast replenishment
– High capacity, makes the dispenser suitable for high traffic areas, and
reduces the frequency of replenishments required