Oxipur Laundry Powder 15kg

///Oxipur Laundry Powder 15kg

Oxipur Laundry Powder 15kg

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Atomized complete powder with optimum cleaning power. Excellent results on white and coloured fabrics. Ideal for hotels, restaurants, accommodation facilities. PHOSPHATE-FREE.


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Recommended doses in g for kg of laundry: Soft water (0°-15° fH): 10 g (Light dirt), 13 g (Normal dirt), 20 g (High dirt); Medium water (16°-25° fH): 13 g (Light dirt), 16 g (Normal dirt), 24 g (High dirt); Hard water (>25°fH): 16 g (Light dirt), 22 g (Normal dirt), 30 g (High dirt).

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